Acts 27:42-44 (TPT) “The soldiers wanted to kill all the prisoners to prevent them from escaping. But the Roman officer was determined to bring Paul safely through, so he foiled their attempts. He commanded the prisoners and crew who could swim to jump overboard and swim ashore. The rest all managed to survive by clinging to planks and broken pieces of the ship, so that everyone scrambled to the shore uninjured.”


It’s quite obvious that this chapter of scripture is a series of unfortunate, back to back events for Paul. First, while being in the custody of a Roman officer, Paul gives warning to the officer urging him to NOT set sail. The Romans decided not to listen, putting them, their ship and all of its passengers in great danger. Fast forward a couple weeks and the ship crashes on an unknown island - and if things can’t get any worse for Paul and the other prisoners, the soldiers on board start to panic and decide that their best course of action is to kill all the prisoners on board!

But look what happens in this moment of chaos… the Roman officer foiled the attempts of his soldiers and Paul and his fellow prisoners safely got to shore.


Let’s be real - that’s how life goes sometimes, right? We end up in a situation that starts out unfavorable and seems to worsen as it unfolds. You may even get to a point where there’s a storm that doesn’t seem to break and what you’re standing on falls apart because of unforeseeable obstacles. Honestly, I know when I am in that place, I tend to incorrectly interpret the situation. I need my perspective to be renewed. So what did Paul do? He didn’t question where God was. He faithfully followed the voice of God.

When you stay faithful and remain in righteousness as a daughter/son of God, even in your stormy seasons, God will provide someone to cover you and something for you to cling to. Just like God provided Paul with the protection of the Roman officer and the broken pieces of the ship in order to stay afloat.

I’ve found that a spiritual covering is crucial in all seasons of life to provide guidance and support. A spiritual covering is often a person - a protective pastor, parent, or mentor who has the authority to speak into your life. Along with a spiritual covering, always always always find a scripture to cling to in trying times. His Word is alive and active. We serve a God who deeply cares for us and provides guidance, wisdom, and a new

perspective when we seek Him.


Lord help me to only cling to You and Your word. God, continue to show me who YOU have for me as a spiritual covering and support in my life. I give you freedom to renew and bring into alignment any spaces in my perspective that need it and I give You thanks in every season because I know You’re good. Amen.


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