Psalm 139 & James 1:2-4 (TPT)

There is a natural tension between who you are and who you are becoming, where you’ve been and where you’re going. Picture it like the art of archery - in order to launch the arrow into the target, you must first draw the arrow back, away from the target, and hold it steady as you align the object to its destination. In the brief moment of alignment, the bow is stretched and held in place - this is the moment of tension before the release. The one holding the bow and arrow has the strength to hold it steady as long as needed before releasing it at the right time, waiting for the winds to settle, distractions to disappear, and peace to come. That’s how I view God in my in-between seasons. He is the One holding me steady in the tension, the stretching season before the release. But in that state of waiting, we must trust Him to hold us fast! (Psalm 139:10) There are seasons where we can’t see the target, nor do we know when we’ll be released, but we must trust the One who holds us steady and who knows the right timing. We must find hope in the moment of tension, knowing that He can see the target and knows how and when to release us.

Thomas Aquinas said it best: “If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would leave it in port forever.” We shouldn’t allow fear to keep us from what He has planned. If we do, we risk missing out on a brilliant adventure! When life begins to distract you, and you find it difficult to fix your eyes on Him, read Psalm 139. This is my “realignment scripture” - one I turn to frequently to fix my eyes on Him instead of my “now.”

Application: There are four words that can describe that moment when the arrow is drawn back before the release: stretching, alignment, waiting, tension. It’s the same “moment,” but perspectives can be different. Stretching is painful; you want it to hurry up and be done. Alignment is intentional, methodical, and strategic. Waiting is annoying and often seems pointless. And tension is agitating; there’s a friction that is unpleasant. But there’s purpose to each word, and we must choose our perspective in order to see the reason of that season before our release.

Whether you view it as a time of stretching, alignment, waiting, or tension, there is a purpose. He is preparing you before launching you into the next season, the next chapter, the next adventure. Just as an archer breathes a still, slow exhale before letting go of the arrow, I truly believe Holy Spirit breathes a still, slow breath of strength and peace as He releases us. We can only see our past and our now, but HE sees our future, and because of that, He is the only one who can help us along the way. Maybe you’ll find yourself at the start of this new year longing for God to release you into something new, feeling like 2018 was a long year of stretching and waiting.

Challenge: My prayer for you, friend, is three-fold. 1.) That in His timing you would be released, for He is the God of seasons. 2.) That you would have patience knowing that if He’s not done working, you’re not done waiting. 3.) That you would cling to HOPE in Jesus, for He knows when your season of release will come.

Prayer: Lord today, help me to have patience, trust, and hope in this season. I know you have been and are still at work preparing me for my next. May I simply be still and KNOW that You are God and that You are in control. Today I fix my eyes on You, for that is where my help comes from.

Songs: Seasons (Hillsong), Be Still and Know (ALTR Worship), Captain (Hillsong United)

Megan Russo

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