“You visit the earth and cause it to overflow; You greatly enrich it; The stream of God is full of water; You prepare their grain, for thus You prepare the earth.”

Psalm 65:9 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Have you ever played outside with the sprinkler in your front yard? I know that, while growing up in the midwest, this was a common activity on a summer’s day. We used to run the hose from the side of the house all the way up to the front where we’d set up a sprinkler. It was the kind that had two 12” metal poles with holes in them that rotated slowly and sent water flying straight up. I remember that one day all of us grandkids had been playing with the sprinkler for about an hour when we heard the call from inside, “lunch is ready!” So, I unscrewed the sprinkler like I was supposed to and ran inside, but in my hurriedness, I failed to close the valve to stop the flow of water. Thirty minutes or so had gone by, and it was time to go back out to continue playing. When I arrived on the driveway, I remember so distinctively the sight laid before me. The constant flow from the water had filled up the portion of the yard that the hose had been laid in, it ran over the sidewalk, had flowed through the curb strip, and was gushing onto the street. Normally you couldn’t play on the street during the summer because you would burn your feet from the heat, but since the water had overflowed the lawn and onto the road, the territory with which we did not have the ability (grace) to walk onto earlier, was now easily accessible.

Application: There may be territory that you’re wanting to move into or blessings you’re waiting on. That’s only going to come when you allow the Spirit of God to overflow in you. Now, just go with me here - what if God’s Spirit functioned like a valve? And what if how much we had or didn’t have of Holy Spirit was up to how much we opened the valve? In our daily worship, it’s easy to open the valve to our comfort level and to be content with that amount, but look at this scripture above where it says, “He causes the earth to overflow!” God’s stream is full of water! And when Jesus made Holy Spirit available to each of us when he tore the veil, that meant that we ALL have the SAME access to the Spirit of God. The kind of worship that promotes overflow in our lives is sacrificial. It relinquishes control to God to trust that He is good. It removes “self” from the equation and leans fully into the arms of our Savior. It starts in surrender; not the kind of surrender where we hold back a portion and therefore forfeit a portion, but rather true, authentic, vulnerable and humble surrender. Let’s take our hands off the valve and let the stream overflow.

Challenge: The next worship service that you’re in, I encourage you to take another “step” in worship. Maybe that’s lifting your hands and surrendering in that way, or maybe it’s coming down to the altar. Only you know what God is speaking to you. Let’s continue to worship in surrender, and trust that he’ll overflow in our lives like never before.

Prayer: God, I’m thankful that You are never done with me and that You always have something good in store for me. Lord, as I surrender to Your will and yield to Holy Spirit, would You begin to overflow Your gifts and fruit in my life? I declare that a season of overflow is here! Amen.

Song: Hillsong United - Take All of Me

Christian Balderas

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