Philippians 2: 6-11

The twelve disciples of Jesus embraced their calling, their role, their part. And it caused such an exponential growth of the Christian faith that it reached the ends of the known world in a short time. This was not because the 12 themselves traversed the entirety of the region, but because they each had a duplicating effect. Everywhere they went, and with everyone they encountered, they left traces of the redemptive power of Christ, and in turn each touched those around them. It resulted in the exponential growth of the Christian faith.

Application: We have that same opportunity, that same calling, as the original 12 disciples. We are called to reach into our community and show the redemptive power of Christ through the example of our own lives. We have a great opportunity to show our world how Christ has redeemed us, and how he has changed us. It’s not a commission to duplicate that which was needing to be redeemed, but rather that which redeemed us, which is Christ. God has given us a unique mission, to go and do - go and do that which he started. We have a part to play in finishing that commission. Because we have received the precious gift of God’s presence and power, we need to live for something bigger than ourselves. We need to live for the world.

Challenge: Let this be our charge: we are going to make our lives count. We have a single reason, the only reason that ultimately matters: Jesus. Jesus not only called us to go into our world as agents of light and transformation - He did it Himself. He did it for us. He spent his life making a way for all of humanity to be able to connect with God.

Prayer: Lord, help us to pour out our hearts, our souls, and our lives in service of a single purpose: making earth look more like heaven. Amen

(Adapted from the United Methodist Student Movement)

Devon Dougherty

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