1 Kings 19:15-17

One of the most fascinating things that I would love to do in the future is skydive. It is a dangerous and thrilling adventure that continues to give me more fear than desire to take the leap. I do like the idea that on the first couple of jumps, the instructors take the leap strapped to you to make sure that there is an expert who knows what to do in most life threatening scenarios while falling through the sky. After a few jumps, once you are ready, then they let you take the leap alone. feeling confident that not only what they taught and corrected you on will help you, but also the things that they showed you while falling will be repeated with the same success. I can’t help but realize how difficult and dangerous it was to be a prophet during Elijah’s life. He was under constant attack from each direction, but it is nice to see through one of his most difficult moments God stepped up to call him to mentor Elisha. He didn’t just wait around. He went and found Elisha who was to walk with him through his dangerous and thrilling adventure. Jesus is another great example on calling forward his disciples. In Matthew 4:18-20, he finds Peter and Andrew and asks them to leave everything and be his first disciples. Jesus then walks with them through the next three years teaching, showing, and correcting them, just as Elijah did with Elisha. It is hard to think of how Jesus spent three years with his disciples, yet we aren’t willing to spend three minutes showing each other how to walk through life. The realization comes that we have become too busy to really walk with the generation below us. The best way we are going to change a misguided generation is to go to where they are, and don’t just teach and correct them, but make sure to show them how to walk with God!

Question: How are you molding the future generation?

Challenge: As you go forward in fasting and prayer, take notice of Jesus’ last command for our lives where we are told to go (Matthew 28:19)! Ask God to reveal who or what generation you are called to mentor. The best way to approach anyone is through love and authentically being you. Show the characteristics of God and definitely use some patience.

Prayer: “Lord, don’t let my circumstances or my time restrict me from going and showing the people that you have called me to, so that I may make disciples of these future generations.”

Billy Aldrich

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