“And a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.’” Matthew 3:17 NIV

When you belong to something, you know that you are a part, that you occupy a space that is only yours. You have been granted a name that recognizes you; it is your identity.

We all seek to belong in the environment in which we live, alongside the people with whom we live. The first place that we belong to is our blood family, our home, with its own distinct patterns and customs. The family must satisfy the need to belong, the need for recognition. As parents, we must recognize our children and create clarity, as well as with our spouses.

A branch alone does not do much, nor is it resistant. But when it is part of the tree, it is strong; it has a source of nutrients, it has roots, and its needs are satisfied. The same can be said of family relationships. If we are clear about where we belong, we will not look for another environment that may be prejudicial or that may destroy us. This applies to our children, friends, and family as well. We must recognize one another in the same manner as how we observed God, recognizing his beloved Son in our biblical reference.

Application: What are we doing to make others feel part of the family? As an immigrant, when I left my native country, everything became new to me; I felt lost, like I did not belong. Everything was different - country, ideology, climate, food, culture. The family and friends with whom I grew up were no longer there. Not only must we recognize our blood family, and make them feel that they belong, but there is a family that grows with us every day, and like me, they do not find their place and need connection. They need relationship. In my case, God gave me a beautiful family when I arrived at this place called Life Church, and they told me, “Welcome home!” They made me a part, and now I belong.

Question: How do I make my family feel recognized?

Challenge: Family is not only the place where you are born, but where you are received and accepted. Today, let’s make those around us feel at home, because even if everything changes, God does not change. He receives you with open arms and recognizes you as a son or daughter. If you are an orphan, today I tell you that you will find a father; if you are a single mother, there is no better love than His. I don’t know what your condition is, but He does not look at conditions; He accepts you at home.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for accepting me as your daughter, for making me part of your family, for giving me a place to which I belong. Give me wisdom to develop the role you have given me in my family. Help me to love, respect, and accept them. In the name of your beloved Son, Jesus, Amen.

Song: I am a child of God

Enely Michel

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