After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before.

Job 42:10

In this verse, we can see how God asked Job to pray for his friends and how Job then received a double- portion of blessings. However, I do not believe that the blessings were only for praying for his friends; I also believe that it had a lot to do with the results. These were friends who, during Job’s test, thought that the situation that he was living through was the fruit of his sin. In the midst of his pain, his friends weren’t capable of giving Job what he needed the most: a word of encouragement, a fresh word that would go straight to his heart. Rather than words of blessings, he received accusations and words full of anger. I imagine the frustration that Job lived at that moment, knowing that he had been faithful to God, that he was still going through his test and that, to top it all off, his friends, instead of comforting him, accused him, not understanding that this test was a proof of the confidence that God had in him. There are times when our friends fail us, and those failures produce wounds in our lives, wounds that are sometimes produced in moments when we needed our friends the most, times when we needed a word of encouragement and we never got them. It is in these moments where we start to draw ourselves away. We continue to live a “normal” life, but now with a wound in our hearts, which with time gets deeper and deeper, leaving that friendship as part of the past while the pain remains in our present.

Application: I believe that this biblical text is leading us to change our point of view a bit, showing us how we should be Job in the lives of our friends, that despite everything, we can raise a prayer for their lives. Today, we should not pay mind to the wounds, the dark moments, and instead dedicate a time of prayer for our friends, be free of that pain, and provoke a smile from our Father. Let us be like Job and leave everything aside and simply pray, understanding that our responsibility is not always to understand but to love. I can understand that it’s easier with words than action, but if we use this new season of the year to make new changes and do our part, I know that our father will do the rest. Let’s take time out of our busy lifestyle and pray for our friends. Friends are those who are sometimes closer than even our families, whom we must care for, protect and cover in prayer, no matter the human failures that may happen in this world. We must understand that during our time here on earth, human imperfection will be part of our daily lives. :-)

Question: What should I do TODAY?

Challenge: For this time of fasting and prayer, how do you think we can walk the extra mile? Take a moment, make a list of your friends, pray for them, and contact them with a call or a message. Let them know that they were in your prayers today.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, today I ask you for each of my friends, wherever they may be, that they may feel a touch of your presence and can live their lives according to your will. Bless them, Father, with health and prosperity. I thank you for placing them in my path and for blessing me with each and every one of them. Amen.

Anthony Rodriguez

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