DAY 3: Benefits of Obedience


“If you love me, keep my commands.” John 14:15


If you are anything like me, sometimes it’s not the deep theological things of God that I have a hard time with; it is actually the most simplistic, child-like commands that really show the reality of my own heart.  This verse is so simple and yet, if truly lived out, earth-shattering. Every little moment, when mirrored with this verse, can reveal what truly lies in the reflection.


My youngest son was a true daredevil. He climbed tables, fences, even door frames (yes, you read that right, door frames, and he did it like a boss). I found myself constantly protecting him and trying to teach him the difference between courage and danger.  Not all risks are bad, but risks taken at the wrong time or without the right protection can be catastrophic. When he was about two-and-a-half years old, we were at a family gathering, and he was running around with his cousins.  All of the adults were talking and lost in conversation when all of a sudden, something in my gut (I fully believe it was the Holy Spirit) told me to look at him.  I glanced over just in time to see him make a dash for the road. I yelled out, “Logan, NO!” He froze and I grabbed him by the back of his shirt as, in that same instant, a large dump truck barreled past the two of us. I find myself holding my breath, heart still aching, even as I write this.  His obedience to the sound of my voice spared what could have been a disastrous situation. He had seen a big red ball in the yard across the street and had decided that it should be played with. He had no idea the danger that was in his path.  


Application: Like childlike obedience, childlike faith in our walk with Christ is very much the same. He is an amazing Father!  He wants the absolute best for us and cheers us on and encourages us along the way.  He wants us to know His love and to trust Him relentlessly. His commands are not to withhold from us, but they are for our very protection and guidance. He wants to see us taking leaps of faith, but under the protection and in the shadow of His wings.  


Challenge: Take a moment and reflect on times when your obedience spared you from what could have been a disastrous situation. Maybe what pops in your head are times of disobedience which resulted in hurt, pain, or shame.  He says that He casts those moments as far as the east is from the west and remembers them no more.  Confess those moments to Him, and walk out today with a FRESH assurance that He sees you as his loved and blessed child.  


Prayer: Father, help me to see your commands for what they really are. Help me to know that you have my best in mind and want to see me soar!  Help me to get to know you so closely that I can hear your voice, your warnings, and your guidance, and that I would trust you fully. I know that you would withhold no good thing from your child.  Allow me to trust your timing. Give me childlike faith to trust you.  I love you, Father God – AMEN.


Song: The more I seek you by Kari Jobe 


 Denette Schaer


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