July 12, 2020 Sunday pm


Don’t allow the passage of time to rob you of the promise I have placed in your heart. Don’t allow the passage of time to rob you of the dreams I have deposited within you. Don’t allow the passage of time to diminish or extinguish your face because promises, dreams and yes, even destinies, are fulfilled overtime by faith.


Be careful not to allow the passage of time to cause you to abort your assignment. Moving from conception to completion always requires the passage of time. Your journey from conception to completion will be filled with many challenges and choices. Continue to walk in faith - do not abort your assignment. You will experience what appears to be detours – do not abort your assignment - continue to walk by faith.


Even when it appears that nothing is happening, no progress is being made, continue to walk by faith regardless of what you do or do not see. Do not allow disappointment to give birth to doubt. Do not abort your assignment – walk by faith!

Know this says the Lord- 2020 will be looked back upon as a season of separation. A time of purification and preparation for My Remnant Church. You will come out of the caves and out of the deserts as did my Prophets of old. I will release revival upon you and through you to a dry and thirsty generation. My Remnant Church will be made up of both the young and the old. This Remnant Church will be led by those who possess the courage of Joshua who took new territory. Territory the previous generation failed to take. This Remnant Church will operate in the anointing of Elijah and will turn the hearts of the Fathers back to their children and the hearts of the children back to their Fathers.

Know this says the Lord- I have a Remnant Church who has gone through the fire and has gone through the floodwaters and have not grown bitter because of their brokenness. And because of their perseverance in the face of difficulties, I will resurrect the gifts I placed in them- gifts grown dormant over time. These resurrected gifts operating in my Remnant Church will bring forth a river of deliverance to those hold in the bondage of sin and addictions. Their chains will fall off. The prison doors of their captivity will fling open and they shall be loosed, and they shall be liberated. Know this, says the Lord, My Remnant Church will walk in a greater measure of Spiritual Authority. My Remnant Church will rise up from the ruins and the rubble of a broken generation. And they will set captives free.

As with Elijah I first released an all-consuming fire from heaven and then I released a refreshing rain from heaven. So, will I do now? First comes the fire of purification then comes the refreshing rains of revival. I will send fire to purify my Remnant Church and once the fire does its work- once the fire is done purifying- the rains of revival will refresh and renew my Remnant Church. I will open the heavens- refreshing revival rain will fall as in the days of Elijah. I will fulfill my covenant promises to my covenant people. My prophetic Word will not return to me void. I will pour water on the spiritually thirsty. I will pour floods on the spiritually dry ground of my church. In these last days, I will raise up your sons and daughters. I will pour out my spirit upon them and they shall bring forth powerful prophetic words. This Remnant Church will see the revival that has been prophetically promised in the day’s past.

Know this says the Lord- call upon me as I have instructed- turn from anything wicked or vile. Only call upon Me- seek Me as I have instructed- turn from anything wicked or vile- Only call upon Me- seek Me- and I will answer you and show you those things that have previously been inaccessible to you.

To My Remnant Church, I would say cry out-cry out-call upon Me and I will respond. I will open the Heavens. I will reveal My power and My presence. Only put on and wear holiness as a garment in preparation for what I am about to do. Make ready for a fresh move of My Spirit upon My Remnant Church. Do not allow weariness or loneliness to distract you.

Know this, says the Lord. I keep My promises.

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