Imagine being a parent and not having the resources to provide gifts for your child at Christmas…the inability to choose, purchase, and wrap gifts can be overwhelming if you have limited funds. It can be a choice between keeping the electricity on or providing gifts. Or, being a foster parent and a new child that walks through the door without clothes, a suitcase, or anything else.


At Life Community Center, our unique program partners with parents to create Christmas miracles. Parents are asked to donate their time to local nonprofits, schools, and churches time in exchange for an opportunity to shop at our Imagine Christmas store. Though they may not have financial funds, we believe their time and effort are still valuable to the community. After they complete the time exchange, they receive an appointment to shop for their child(ren). Our Santa workshop includes gift wrap and batteries. Foster families are not required to participate in time exchange due to their volunteer role as a foster parent.


How can you help?

•    Provide a monetary tax-free donation

•    Volunteer at your local site!

If you are a family that is needing help this Christmas season please click the link below and fill out the form.