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Now Hiring. 

We are a church that honors and hosts God's presence because His presence changes everything. Led by founding Pastors, Ed and Janis Russo, Life Church has been located in Wesley Chapel, FL for 35 years. Life Church has multiple locations, including international campuses and continues to grow. 

Comms Project Manager


The project manager's role is to schedule and oversee all projects relating to the communications department., including but not limited to day-to-day admin responsibilities, general communication projects, and specialty projects.


Duties and Responsibilities for both Comms & Experience:

  1. Project Management

  • Work in project management software (ClickUp) to answer questions, monitor orders, and keep communication clear between content creators and ministry leads. 

  • Manage all orders (merch, signage, props, etc) ‘from purchase to use / distribution’ (ensuring the “hand-off” of material)

  • PreProduction for video projects 

    • Book traveling for shoots and trips

    • Purchase and set up props on location of shoot

    • Coordinate rental gear with Video Director

    • Schedule shoot locations, talent, and bookings

    • Provide necessary details to talent for all shoots (scripts, styling, times/locations) 

    • Track budgets for individual projects

    • Take initiative in storyboard process to ensure all pre-production details are considered

  • Assisting on shoots (photo/video)

    • Loading/Unloading Gear

    • Placing & Picking up food orders for film crew and talent

    • Assisting as needed to keep the shoot on time

    • Communicate with talent any real-time changes due to unforeseeable delay in schedule

  • Send back rental gear through UPS


  1. Admin 

  • Managing all purchases for team and projects ‘from purchase to use / distribution’ (ensuring the “hand-off” of material)

  • Submitting AMEX requests to Finance Department

  • Errands for pickups, deliveries, shopping, etc as requested for project props and supplies

  • Room and Venue Reservations for projects and meetings

  • Maintain and Track Numbers (Digital Engagement, Physical Order Tracking), and assist with overall budget tracking 

  • Hands-On prep (putting props / sets together, assembling products, etc)


  1. Event Specific

  • Assist with Lobby Installs and Sets (Set ups, TV changes, etc)

  • Prepare visual aides, set pieces, or displays as needed

  • Manage Merch Sales (set up, finance coordination, team, literal sales, etc)


Accountability: Communications Director


Hours Expected:  Full Time, hourly. 40 hours per week. 


Key Characteristics: 

  • Highly Organized

  • Self-Motivated

  • Detail Oriented

  • Problem Solver

  • Communicates clearly

Expectations of  All Staff: 

Christ-centered behavior at all times. i.e. treating people with dignity, respect, compassion, and integrity. 


  1. Attends Sunday church services and major outreaches/events

  2. Successful completion of a background check. 

  3. Pleasant and professional personality and appearance. 

  4. Attendance at all mandatory meetings (and events, as needed); including Staff Chapel 

  5. Signed acknowledgment of the Life Church handbook.


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