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Show God’s love in your city and around the world.

We are dedicated to bringing hope and healing to people everywhere. With your help, we can reach people of every age, location, and language for Christ. See how you play a key role in relief and restoration work through our three missions focused areas with Heart Of The House.

Our Home   Our Backyard   Our World

Our Home


We as a church body are "one house with many rooms". As we grow as a family, there is a need for funds to better expand and maintain our room. Through Our Home, we are able to raise funds to maintain and renovate our campuses to further the Kingdom of God. 

Current Campuses

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Future Campus 2022


PLEASE BE PRAYING FOR:                 

Place - Where we will plant                         

Person - Who will lead the plant                         

Plan - How will we plant                         

Provisions - Who will provide for costs of the facility, gear, materials, marketing, and staffing

Image by Kody Cheyne

2021 Home Projects


15 Passenger Buses for family Ministries             

4 buses are needed to help transport students to services and church activities             

$20,000 Each | Total Goal $80,000             


Nursery Remodel at Our Wesley Chapel Campus             

We will be creating a safer and more creative environment for our littles with a smoother check-in space for parents            Goal $20,000             


Food Pantry Driveway at Spring Hill Campus             

Creating a safe and easier traffic flow for those we serve weekly at the food pantry             

Goal $5,700


Our Backyard

We feel the weight and the spiritual responsibility to step up and address the real-life social issues we have found right here in our backyard. Through Our Backyard, we are able to raise funds to support, build, and empower our nation.


2021 Backyard Projects


Won’t You Be My Neighbor

We believe that God has placed you in your home/apartment, in your neighborhood, and in your community on purpose for a purpose. Won’t You Be My Neighbor simply comes alongside you through supporting your acts of kindness to your neighbors? From community events to neighborhood gifts to community projects, you tell us! Let's make a difference together.

Goal $8,000

Community Outreach

$5k Pasco Woods Community Development  

$3k Lawn Care Ministry

$8k Disaster Relief Ministry  

$6k First Responders

$15k This is My City

Goal $37,000

1 Jail and 3 Prisons

Within our Prison Ministry, you have the opportunity to serve in person when allowed, serve as a one on one mentor and provide You Are Loved care packages to those being released. Prison Ministry is all about reaching beyond the gates of our local correctional facilities and providing tools possible to carry the Hope of Jesus that produces lasting heart change! 

Goal $13,000

2 Life Community Centers

Our community-based Community Centers are in the thick of the most need right in our backyard. The heartbeat of the centers is to give a hand up, not a handout. From serving hot meals, providing groceries to hundreds of families a week, and resourcing the homeless with tents and sleeping bags, to a mobile medical unit. God’s word states we shouldn’t do life alone and our calling is to walk beside families and individuals that are struggling.  

Goal $102,000

Servant Evangelism

Want to find new ways to serve those in your community but not sure where to begin? Would you allow us the opportunity to resource you with intentional gifts that also carry a message of hope? As you engage in prayer, intentionally listen, we believe that your obedience in distributing these servant evangelism items to those in your circle will produce Kingdom Fruit. 

Goal $15,000

5 Assisted Living Facilities

As we partner with local assisted living facilities, we are able to love on and reach those who feel alone and forgotten. It’s as simple as making cards, making visits, taking gifts and so much more, to those who long for a friendly smile and some community. 

Goal $20,000

Adopt One of Our 7 Schools

Now, more than ever we are trusting God for open doors and open Heavens over our schools. This ministry provides an opportunity for you to carry His Presence onto the Campus of our local schools. Whether through restocking teachers' snacks in their lounge, prayer on the school campuses, providing copies for teachers, and many more opportunities for you to bring His hope to our next generation. 

Goal $29,000

Raptime: After School Program

Our Stay In School Program focuses on the importance of graduation from high school. Partnering with parents, schools, and the community, we expose our young people to the benefits of graduating and moving on to college or a technical trade. Where local trends show high dropout rates for our students, our program focuses on setting goals and exploring career choices, which build the foundation for success. Through tutoring and mentoring, you play a valuable part in the next generation of leaders.

Goal $8,000


The Mission in Sicily    

Mission Sicily was launched in 2013 for the purpose of making disciples, planting churches, and building bridges of hope among Sicilians and its refugees. With your support, we are forging inroads among isolated Sicilian communities, as well as immigrants and refugees from war-torn, sub-Saharan African countries. Islamic immigrants from Africa and Asia are being received daily with open arms, warm meals, and the good news of Jesus Christ. www.missionsicily.com

Impact Ethiopia

Lives and communities are being impacted here in Ethiopia by the Lord!  We are doing well overall and have adapted to some transitions in our life, as well as two of us contracted COVID and recovered with no severe symptoms.  In the last month, we trained up 20 new national church planters.  With Life Church’s help, we are able to support 5 of them with finances, training and encouragement until the churches are self-sustaining.  Already we have received reports that several sites already have 3-5 new believers in the last month!  We want to make an even bigger impact by partnering with more of these church planters that are ready to be sent and are looking for individual families to partner in the ministry by committing to pray and providing financial support. www.impactethiopia.net 


The government of Uganda’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic was aggressive and severe. Schools, churches and all larger gatherings were ordered to be closed, and eventually all public and private transportation was stopped in the country. The only way for individuals to get around was on foot or by bicycle. Watoto Neighborhood, a program of Watoto, serves vulnerable women by providing discipleship, literacy and skills training, business skills training and medical support. Our Neighborhood training centers were forced to close leaving the women with little to no support system. Through phone counseling during this season, we recorded 185 salvations from these women who had little to no support due to shutdown. At Baby Watoto, we provide 24-hour care for the children.In spite of the lockdown, Baby Watoto was able to rescue 33 babies last year. Since the majority of support received by Watoto is through child sponsorship, our hearts became concerned around April of last year as we watched the news and saw thousands of jobs being lost and the unemployment rate skyrocket. Expecting that our sponsor cancellations would also skyrocket, our teams in Uganda took measures to begin cutting expenses by 25%.  Nearly all Watoto staff took pay cuts; many in Uganda were laid off.  But God proved Himself faithful. By the end of 2020, our sponsor cancellation rate was the lowest it has ever been.  www.watoto.com

watoto girls.jpg

Our World

Every month, YOU, Life Church, partner with foreign missionaries and organizations to carry the gospel forward. We are believing and trusting God to send over $78,000 to our missionaries and organizations this year. That's at least $6,400 per month that YOU, Life Church, are extending the reach of the gospel throughout the uttermost parts of our World. Below are three letters from some of our World Missions Partners.