Connecting to God and each other.

Fellowship Life Groups
The Outsiders – Led by Randy & Sandy Clement

Every other Saturday, various locations 

This group is designed for those who are interested in outdoor activities and hobbies to come together for fellowship and fun!

Caregivers Support – Led by Sylvia Reynolds-Blakely

Sundays at 3p, chat-room via Facebook Messenger 

This online support group is designed to uplift the full-time caregiver with prayer, information, and hope. We meet weekly in a video chat-room format, where we get to share our hearts and our ideas on this important journey.

Men: Friday Night Men’s Fellowship – Led by Peter Mitchell

1st & 3rd Friday of every month at 7p, Dunkin Donuts, 27616 Wesley Chapel Blvd.

We are a Life Group whose focus is from the geopolitical to the cutting-edge spiritual.

Sisterhood: Widow’s Might – Led by Bonnie Olsen & Tracy Barnes

2nd Tuesday of every month at 6p, various locations

Widow’s Might is a support Life Group for women who have lost a spouse. It is a time for widows to get together and support each other in the season of life they find themselves in, as they experience similar emotions, and can relate to one another.

Sisterhood - Coffee Talk – Led by Ileana Navarette & Lisa Sumrell

1st Monday of every month, 7p, Starbucks, 2257 Mexican Sun Drive

ALL LADIES are invited to join our come-and-go Life Group with no agenda. If you’re looking to catch up with friends, or even make new ones, stop by for 15 minutes or stay for 2 hours! We can’t wait for you to enjoy some much needed "Girl Talk" away from all of the hustle and bustle of your day! Don't forget to invite a friend.

Sisterhood - Victory Stitchers – Led by Carolan Long

1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month at 9:30a, at Life Church Room WC1

This group exists to maximize creative talents, combined with prayer, to reach out and ensure all who are in need of comfort can receive God’s love. We are currently making pillowcases for children at hospitals in the Bay Area, and later this year we are going to be making quilts. We welcome all levels of sewing and stitching.

Sisterhood: Blessed & Believing, Women's Fellowship - Led by Kellie Larsen

Once per month on Saturday, various times and locations 

This group offers casual gatherings for women to have fun, fellowship with one another, and build lasting friendships. It is open to all, allowing us the opportunity to share our faith, pray, encourage, and support each other. “Encourage one another and build each other up.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Growing Together Life Groups
Taste & See, Bible Study & Fellowship -  Led by Betsy Proctor & Karoleen Ingram

Thursdays at 7p, Life Church Room WC1

Join us on a journey as we explore several approaches to God’s Word in a desire to be filled with His Spirit, know Him more intimately, and become more aware of His love for us. We are determined to trust in Him, lean on Him, and rely on Him each and every day.  So, let’s get hungry and feast on His Word! “O taste and see that the Lord is good!” Psalm 34:8a  

Spanish Bible Study - Led by Jose Rivera

Tuesdays at 7p, Life Church Connections Lounge 

This group will emphasize the systematic study of the Bible.

Counter Culture / Woodlawn - Led by David & Lora Novak

Every other Friday at 7:30p, the Novak’s home (begins July 12)

We are continuing our Bible study, A Compassionate Call To Counter Culture by David Platt. We will be sharing scriptures for God's design of sexuality, marriage, morality, and gender. We will discover our mission and freedom to live out our faith even in persecution. On October 4, we will begin a 6 week Bible study based on the movie Woodlawn. 

Intercessory Prayer – Led by Dennis & Diane Garcia

1st & 3rd Friday of each month at 7p, the Garcia’s home

This group is focused on prayer and intercession for our nation, government leaders, our church, and individual needs. Light refreshments are provided following our time of prayer.

Family Fellowship & Bible Study – Led by Greg & Shereena Beaver

1st & 3rd Friday of every month at 7:30p, The Beaver’s home (begins Sept 6)

We are a family-oriented Life Group that meets twice a month, mixing fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and periodic outdoor events or community service. 

CREW (Christians Ready Equipped & Willing) – Led by Al Rivera & Martin Doolin

Sundays at 9a, Life Church Room WC1 

Join the C.R.E.W. as we study a variety of scriptures. Our main goal for this Life Group is to continue to grow our relationship with God and each other. Snacks will be provided.

Bod4God – Led by Kim Womack

Wednesdays at 7p, Life Church Room C4

The Bible tells us our bodies are the temple of Holy Spirit, but do we really treat our bodies with that value in mind?  This Life Group is for people of all ages and fitness levels. Bible principles along with encouraging fellowship will help everyone with weight loss, exercise, and staying healthy. The book we will be using is Bod4God by Steve Reynold. 

Men: Better Dads – Led by Dan Place

Tuesdays at 7p, Panera at Wiregrass Mall 

Men will be challenged and encouraged as we seek God to help us become better men and better dads. Our goal is to be godly men who lead our families in serving our Heavenly Father. We will go through the Word of God, as well as a book designed to help us grow and keep us accountable to God and each other.  

Men: Iron Men (1) – Led by Bill Johnson & Bill Wadsworth 

Wednesdays at 7p, Life Church Room C1

What is a Godly man? Who are we in Christ? What are God’s expectations of a man of God? How do we become godly leaders in our homes, places of business, and in our church? Join us as we find answers to these questions and discover God’s plan for us as men of faith. We are a group of passionate followers of God who hold one another accountable and seek to be all He has called us to be.

Men: Iron Men (2) – Led by Clifford Ellis & James Goodfield 

Wednesdays at 7p, Life Church Room C2 

What is a Godly man? Who are we in Christ? What are God’s expectations of a man of God? How do we become godly leaders in our homes, places of business, and in our church? Join us as we find answers to these questions and discover God’s plan for us as men of faith. We are a group of passionate followers of God who hold one another accountable and seek to be all He has called us to be.

Sisterhood: Fellowship & Prayer – Led by Tammy Copley & Heather Taylor

Wednesdays at 7p, Life Church Connections Lounge 

This group provides an opportunity for women to come together to explore scripture, pray, and share our testimonies. Come join this beautiful group of God-loving women!

Sisterhood: Single Moms – Led by Jenn Wakeman

Wednesdays at 7p, Life Church Room WC

Join our fantastic group of Single Moms (Sisters of Strength) as we discover the truth of who God is and how we are defined by Him. We will be reading and going through the book Kingdom Single by Tony Evans. Kingdom Single will encourage you to see yourself as complete in Christ, and free to serve Him. It will empower you to live as Kingdom women in a corrupt culture. Book available for purchase on Amazon: $14.

Sisterhood: Following the Warrior Christ  – Led by Susanna Kozlow & Jonie Buckley

Saturdays at 4:30p, Life Church Room WC1

In this study, we will begin to see Jesus like we have never seen Him before - a Warrior Christ who stared death in the face and won! A Warrior who descended from the heavens, defeated the enemy, and rescued humanity and now calls us to continue His mission and fight for our families, our communities, and the world. We will explore the life of Jesus and the mission of His followers, so that we may understand that He is calling us to join Him in fulfilling history's greatest mission. We will be referencing Jesus was an Airborne Ranger, by John McDougall.

Sisterhood: Gods at War, Defeating the Idols that Battle for Your Heart – Led by Lindsey Whitmore

Wednesdays at 7p, Life Church Room WC1

“I am the Lord your God…You are to have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3 This is an invitation to go to battle against the idols that may have taken high ground in our lives. Join us for Gods at War, by Kyle Idleman. Idolatry, whether obvious (praying to a statue) or subtle (living for your career or someone or something other than God) will always choke out a real relationship with God, and damage our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. In Gods at War, we will discuss some of what we put before God, as well as how we can put God first again. Book available for purchase on Christian Book Distributors and Amazon: $14    

Sisterhood - Undefeated You – Led by Laila Vanderpool

Mondays at 7p, Laila’s home

Undefeated You is about you and who you are in Christ. Perhaps you have been through a bad breakup or divorce, you are struggling with the labels that the world has given you, or you have lost yourself somewhere along the ups and downs of life. Do not allow this identity crisis to consume you! According to Romans 8:37, overwhelming victory is yours through Christ! Come join a group of women who will be using the Devotional Journal from the Undefeated series to focus on being empowered by the very love that renders us undefeated. Book available for purchase on Amazon: $22

Citizens Dance Life Group - Led by Sativa Fisher & Rebekah Peaster

Saturdays at 4:30p, Life Church Room C1

Join us to connect with each other and with God through the power of dance. We will dive into understanding the ways dance connects to the Bible, and its principles through relevant devotions.

LINC Student Ministries (6-12 Grade)

For more information on any of our LINC Life Groups, please contact us at

We were created to do life in community, and that is never truer than in the years of junior and high school. LINC Life Groups are made up of 2 junior high groups (one for guys and one for girls), and 3 high school groups (mixed gender). The heart of these gatherings is to provide healthy relationships and vibrant spiritual discussions for students. For more information on any of our LINC Life Groups, please contact us at

                LINC High School Life Group (Mixed Gender)

                Location: Ileana Navarette’s Home

                Leaders: Ileana Navarette & Robin Granger


                LINC High School Life Group (Mixed Gender)

                Location: Steve & Christy Anderson’s Home

                Leaders: Steve & Christy Anderson


                LINC High School Life Group (Mixed Gender)

                Location: Brian & Ginnie Zemaitis’s Home

                Leaders: Brian & Ginnie Zemaitis


                LINC Middle School GUYS Life Group

                Location: David & Lisa Sumrell's Home

                Leaders: Dylan Schaer & Cody Tom | Host: David & Lisa


                LINC Middle School GIRLS Life Group

                Location: Gabe & Kathy Roche’s Home

                Leader: Emmie Beyruti | Host: Kathy Roche

Equipping Life Groups
Divorce Care – Led by Tammy Copley & Alicia Alvarado

Thursdays at 7p, Life Church Connections Lounge 

We know the hurt that comes from separation and divorce. Here, you will experience a warm and caring atmosphere, providing a safe place for you to navigate this difficult season of your life. You are not alone! 

Marriage on the Rock - Led by David & Kristine Kocsis

Wednesdays at 7:30p, The Kocsis’s home 

You have a 100 percent chance of succeeding in marriage, but it all depends on what you are willing to put into it—and Whom you have at the center. Whether engaged or married, you'll find that God's principles detailed in Marriage on the Rock will help you prepare for marriage or strengthen a marriage. You will also discover how to turn what may be a disillusioned, divorce-bound marriage into a satisfying, dream relationship. Find out how to make your spouse a priority in your marriage, and how to make time and energy for the two of you. The honeymoon doesn't have to be over – discover God's design for your dream marriage today!

Dynamic Marriage – Led by John & Sarah Agnes

Sundays at 9a, Life Church Room WC2

Dynamic Marriage is a marriage enrichment course that creates real and lasting change. Through an interactive learning process, you will identify behaviors that may be damaging your marriage, develop healthy ways to manage marital conflict, and take concrete steps to meet each other’s needs better than you ever have before. This is a course for any marriage: good, great, or even if you are trying to work through a few things.

Freedom 2, Kairos: God’s Appointed Time – Led by Tom Burns & Josh Saliba

Sundays at 11a, Life Church Room WC2

Each session will be a time set aside with God for transformation which will include the following: Establishing Identity, Generational Iniquity and Inner Vows, Grace and Forgiveness, Breaking of Unhealthy Soul Ties, Shame, Mother/Father Wounds, and more.

Revelation: What Will Happen in the End Times? – Led by John Ellinghausen

Sundays at 9a, Life Church Room C3 

The book of Revelation is the final book of the Bible, and speaks of what will happen in the end times. The book of Revelation has perplexed people for centuries, however, it is not as mysterious as you may think! We will explore the meaning behind the imagery, symbols, and events within the book, as we aim to answer many questions that come up while reading.

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