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We pray ONE Conference, whether you were in the room or watching online, was an encounter with God's presence that marked your life. Over these five nights, we felt the heavens open and God imparted His Kingdom's purpose into every open, humble heart. May His Kingdom come and will be done. 


Pastor Ed Russo opened up ONE Conference. The Holy Spirit led him to go off-script and with no message notes, Pastor Ed delivered a generation-defining message for the Church. 


On night 2, J Lee Grady taught an incredible message on 'How to Have Healthy Prophecy." One of his main points was, "Never take away prophecy if it has been used in abuse. Rather bring correction and teach people how to properly use it." 


Night 3 erupted with praise! Pastor Brittany's encouragement for the Church is to worship as a response to 'fire' - worship through pain and trials. Speaking from Daniel 3, Pastor Brittany reminded us that the evidence of fire does not equal the absence of God. 


Pastor Manny Arango boldly shared his testimony of faith and shared a message encouraging us to reframe anxiety, worry, and fear. God wants to give us peace! Peace is a beautiful tool of evangelism. 


The last night of ONE Conference was saturated in the presence of God. Karen Wheaton's message was delivered with such boldness. She brought a word designed to bring us into 'what's next,' and it marked Life Church and the Tampa Bay region for the glory of God. 

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